Terms and Conditions & FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Fees and Charges

  1. We an insurance bond on our vessels $1000 for JACK & CHARLIE it's $500 for TOM.  This bond is refunded minus fuel and any damages

  2. Fuel is not included in our hire fee and will be deducted from the insurance bond

  3. We charge a $250 delivery collection fee for certain locations outside of Cairns (Port Douglas, Lake Tinaroo) Other areas available on request

  4. If you agree to a time to meet us for the collection of a vessel and you contact us that morning to delay, we charge you an additional $100 p/h for the delay

  5. Our hire day is between 0700-1600 additional time is available for purchase on request (if possible) $100 per hour

  6. Damages

  7. Our minimum fee is $100

  8. Do I need a boat licence?

    1. Yes, all of our boats need a licence to operate

  9. Which boat can I take to Fitzroy Island?

    1. Some of our boats can go to Fitzroy, it does depend on things like the weather and the number of people

  10. Do I have to tow and launch the boat? 

    1. No, We will deliver and launch the vessel for you.

    2. You can also collect and do this yourself

  11. Can I hire overnight?

    1. Yes you can, this requires a 2 day booking.  Our hire day is from 0700 to 1600

  12. Do you do half day hires?

    1. We do not do half day hires.

  13. What time can we meet in the morning?

    1. You can nominate a time to meet, please note if you ring in the morning to move the time slot you will be charged $50 per 30 min

  14. Can we leave earlier or come back later?

    1. We will try to accomodate your needs, it depends on many factors and may not be possible.

  15. Can I pick up the boat the day before?

    1. This is possible, but not guaranteed. Note this is available to allow you to leave early, this is not so you can use the boat the day before your booking, using the boat will require and additional fee of a full day hire

  16. Can I bring the boat back the following day?

    1. Yes, however you will be charged an additional day.

    2. Our hire day hours are between 0700 to 1600

  17. If we hire the boat for multiple days and return the boat the night before our last day will we be refunded that last day?

    1. No, we do not encourage travelling the roads at night towing our boats, the boat will need to be processed prior to being available for rehire.  You will not save any money

  18. Can we take your boats on dirt roads?

    1. No

  19. Can I bring the boat back late.

    1. Our hire day finishes at 4pm, we charge $100 per hour you are late. please do not ring claiming weather is going to delay you, you are responsible for ensuring you have sufficient time to safely return.

  20. Can we leave from Port Douglas, Deeral and Tinaroo

    1. Yes, we have a flat $250 FEE

  21. Do you rent fishing gear and crab nets?

    1. We have fishing rods available for hire, Note. we do not provide tackle or have the rods rigged. 

    2. We do not have crab nets for hire

  22. Do you have stinger suits and snorkelling gear for hire?

    1. Yes we do

  23. Do you have diving gear for hire?

    1. We have steel tanks

    2. We are able to fit scuba racks to CHARLIE at n/c

  24. What is your bad weather policy?

    1. We do not cancel for rain

    2. It is your responsibility to monitor the weather, we will however cancel and refund your booking,if the winds go over 15 knots if your not comfortable

    3. We will cancel and refund if it looks to be reaching 20 knots

  25. What about Covid 19?

    1. If you have pre booked and cannot get to Cairns, due to travel restrictions, we will refund the booking

  26. How many people can I take?

    1. Tom 4

    2. Jack 4

    3. Charlie 6 

    4. These numbers are weather dependant and what activity you are doing NOTE: It is illegal to exceed these numbers

  27. Do you supply life jackets?

    1. Yes we use manual inflate life jackets, we also have kids life jackets available. NOTE: We do not have life jackets for your fur babies 


  1. Failure to meet at the agreed time or return the vessel at the agreed time will result in an additional fee $100 per 30 min.

  2. Contacting us in the morning to reschedule the meeting time will result in the additional fee

  3. Contacting us claiming the weather is going to make you late for the return of the vessel may result in the additional fee

  4. The hirer/driver is to ensure the safety of passengers and the vessel at all times.  It is up to you to monitor the tides and weather www.bom.gov.au  

  5. Comply with state and federal laws.  Please download the following app, it describes fishing zone’s. 

    1. https://apps.apple.com/au/app/eye-on-the-reef/id650747510

    2. We recommend you download the following free app to your phone or tablet.

    3. https://www.navionics.com/usa/blog/post/free-download-of-navionics-boating-app-delivers-on-features

  6. We endeavour to provide a reliable safe experience, during the day you are to check the pre-engine fuel filter and monitor your fuel consumption.  Failure to do this could result in engine stoppage.

  7. The boat is to be refuelled each day (running out of fuel will result in the holding of bond until engine and recovery costs are calculated)

  8. GPS is an aid (as per manufacturer) accuracy cannot be relied upon, you must keep watch at all times, especially when navigating shallow water

  9. Return the vessel at the agreed time, with all rubbish removed and fish waste cleaned up.

  10. Safety equipment on board is a legal requirement, it is illegal for you to tamper with.  If you access this equipment without an emergency requirement you will be charged a fee to check and restock

  11. Life Jackets.    

  12. All occupants when operating TOM 1 are to wear life jackets at all times                         

    1. We provide manual inflatable jackets on all our vessels

  13. Kill switch lanyards are to be connected to the driver when the vessel is in use

  14. Our vessels are fitted with pre engine fuel filters, these stop contaminants from reaching the motor.  You are responsible to ensure this is clear during the day.  Failure on your part could result in breakdown and loss of bond.  You will be shown it during your vessel briefing


  • Cancellations require direct communication from you (please do not use FB or messenger)

  • We do not cancel for rain, there are many occasions that it is raining in Cairns but not the reef.

  • We do cancel for high winds and will give a full refund (15 plus knots) Determined by NQHB

  • We will provide a full refund due to COVID restrictions imposed by relevant authorities

  • Cancellation 7 days before booking loss of deposit

  • Cancellation within 72 hrs of booking, loss of hire fee