Q.How can we book?

A. You book directly with us either by ringing 0412424243 or sending an email to info@nqhireboats.com.au

Q. Do we need a deposit?

A. Yes a $200 deposit is needed for each day booked.  Without a deposit we cannot hold the day for you.

Q.Do we need a licence?

A. To book the boat no, but you must have a licensed person to operate the boat

Q. What about insurance?

A. Insurance is included with the hire fee and a bond is payable at the time of the booking (either in cash or credit card), the bond is $1000

Q. How do we pay?

A. You can either ring and pay over the phone or an EFT

Q. Do we need a car to tow the boats?

A. No.We can launch and retrieve the boats for you.  In the case of Charlie1, your vehicle needs an electronic brake controller and an anderson plug at the tow ball and you vehicle needs to be rated for 3.5t.  Jack 1, is an easy 2000kg making it suitable for most Australian vehicles

Q. Can we hire fishing gear, stingers suits, snorkelling gear and tow behinds?

A. Yes all available.

Q.  What are the hire hours? Are overnights possible?

A.  0630 to 1600hrs.  An overnight hire requires a 2 day booking.

Q.  What is the range

A.   Our center Cab (Charlie 1) has the off shore range to take you out to all the popular fishing spots, for example the far side of Arlington Reef.  Jack 1 is more your inshore boat, but more than capable of taking in Green Island or Fitzroy Island.

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