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Commercial Boat Hire

Nq hire boats are all trailer mounted and can be relocated to site for you or you can collect and tow yourself.  Available for both wet and dry hire.  We provide all the relevant safety gear (Inflatable PFD) for your staff and can provide copies of Insurance, Safety Management System, Certificate of Operation and crew qualifications.


If your activity/work does not have its own certificate of operation, you can operate under ours, by providing a risk assessment for the activity/work.  We are fully insured and strive to provide well maintained vessels.

Do your staff need accommodation in Cairns, we can help you with that, with a modern centrally located Townhouse (sleeps up to 6), including off street parking.


  • We charge a flat rate of $100 vessel relocation fee, for locations (outside of Cairns) within 1.5 hours of Cairns (when employing our coxswain).  

  • A half day ( 4 hrs, includes travel time ) is only applicable to the employment of a coxswain.  The vessel is always at full price.