Boat Hire Cairns

Cairns has so much to offer, when you spend your time on Nq Hire Boats, our boats are perfect from Cairns to explore around Green Island, Fitzroy Island.  Head out to Arlington Reef, lunch on Vlassoff Cay (surround by clear blue water) or go out past Fitzroy Is.  You could self tow one of our boats a little south and launch in the twin rivers near Deeral and head out to The Russell and Frankland Is. 

Do you like to camp away from the crowds, camping is allowed through National Parks on Fitzroy Is, High and Russell Is.  Locals even camp out on Sudbury Cay, which is a great experience or beach camping in Turtle Bay.  Like to stay somewhere a little more comfortable then check out Fitzroy Is Resort.  You can create your own adventure on Nq Hire Boats.

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